…from former colleagues and collaborators


Lisa Morgan, digital copywriter

“Katie is an extremely skilled freelance writer with a talent for crafting high-quality, engaging and original copy. Her intelligence shines through in her innate ability to understand and fulfil a precise brief, while her background in editorial publishing/sub-editing gives her a strong advantage when it comes to accuracy: her work is always sense-checked, grammatically perfect and on-point in terms of tone. To top it off, she is reliable, motivated and perennially cheerful – an all-round pleasure to work with.”

Camilla Kay, deputy editor, Glamour UK

“Katie is a highly-valued member of the Glamour team and very thorough in her work ensuring deadlines are met and copy maintains the Glamour tone throughout.”

Marie-Cybèle Muysers, copywriter – London and Paris

“Katie is an extremely capable copywriter, able to adapt her skills to a range of briefs in a creative and diligent manner. She pays attention to detail and is extremely receptive to client feedback. I look forward to working with her again on future projects!”

Frances Pearson, freelance copy editor

“Katie is a reliable, dedicated and good-humoured colleague. She works well under pressure, producing high-quality work. She is an excellent writer and always meets deadlines. She is constantly ready with good ideas and solutions to problems, and is responsive to any direction she is given. I would definitely work with Katie again.”

Ro Elfberg, freelance copywriter

“Katie is not only meticulously organised and diligent, but also incredibly skilled at managing her team and the expectations of editors. A positive force, she maintains impeccable accuracy and consistency whilst remaining calm under pressure. As a content editor, Katie assesses the bigger picture using strong editorial judgement, ensuring copy is comprehensible whilst always paying close attention to style, format and visual design. I would recommend her to any business who understands the importance of perfect copy and enhanced readability.”