So you’re looking for great copy. Why should you choose me to write it?

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Great question.

Well, I’m an NUJ-trained journalist and editor who’s spent more than 10 years working at several big titles including Glamour magazine, Cosmopolitan and Huffington Post (to name a few). I’ve also worked in ecomm (MR PORTER and, writing marketing content, UX copy and customer communications. So I know more than a thing or two about writing effective copy.

That’s more than a decade writing and editing content people pay to read, getting inside the minds of readers (your potential customers) and thinking about what they want. So switching up tone of voice, and understanding the most effective ways to communicate with different groups of people, is second nature to me now.

How can your business benefit from my tone of voice (TOV) experience?

Tone of voice is important in business. It builds familiarity and trust with your customers, shows credibility and professionalism, helps you to stand out as instantly recognisable in a crowded marketplace and communicates your core values. Copy that strikes the perfect tone of voice connects with your customers’ emotions and needs – making them much more likely to buy.

When you decide to work with me, you’re getting the benefit of my years of editorial and ecomm TOV experience. I’ll tell your brand’s story and give it a strong, unique voice to present to the world. Not sure what tone of voice is right for you? Don’t worry. That’s something I can help with too – identifying your customer, what makes them tick and the right way to communicate with them is all part of the service.

Let’s work together

Whether you need new website copy, a rewrite for an existing one, regular blog updates, an overhaul for your customer emails, guidance on how to nail your brand’s TOV, brochure or leaflet copy that engages and informs, or basically any words you need to work hard for your business, I can help.

Head to my Services page to find out more about how I can help, or email me now to find out more.