What are you looking for?

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Here’s what I can do for you.

Website content

Want to fill your website with lovely words?
You’ve come to the right place. People don’t stick around for long online, so you need copy that grabs them and keeps them reading, clicking and buying. I’ll write engaging, sparkling copy for homepages, bios, landing pages, blogs – I can edit existing copy to make it 100% better, or write the whole thing from scratch if you need me to.

TOV consultation and guideline creation

Want a strong tone of voice for your brand?
Great thinking. Tone of voice (TOV) is one of the most useful marketing tools there is. Luckily, I’ve spent the past decade writing TOV guidelines and getting into the minds of readers and consumers to make sure everything I write is tailored to them. Let’s work together to find out exactly who your customer is, and the most effective way to speak to them. They’ll love you for it.


Want blogs that people love to read and share?
Whether you want a one-off blog on a top-trending topic in your industry, a list of original blog ideas complete with content schedule, or regularly updated posts on an ongoing basis, talk to me today to find out how I can create blogs that will make sure your site always looks fresh (which those Google rankings just love).

Slogan and strapline writing

Want a snappy name for your new campaign?
Ah, now this is a speciality of mine. You see, a big part of my job over the past decade has been to write headlines that scream ‘READ ME’ (not literally of course, I’m more subtle than that). I can provide a brainstorming service, a range of naming options or a keen editorial eye on existing ideas. I know what grabs people’s attention, and I’d love to share that expertise with you.

Advertorial/native content writing

Want content that turns readers into buyers?
This is where my magazine experience comes in. Branded (AKA native, promotional or advertorial content) doesn’t have to be boring – in fact, in the right hands, it’s as finely crafted and fun to read as any editorial feature. I’ve written and edited successful native articles for brands including Rimmel, Lindex, Peroni, Nivea, Primark, Phillips and many more, appearing in titles including Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health.

UX, landing page, email copy, brochures, leaflets

Want to get your message across in a clear, customer-friendly way?
The right copy makes the difference between the customer who clicks ‘buy now’ and the one who gives up on a hard-to-navigate site; between a newsletter subscriber opening your email rather than firing it straight into trash; between a brochure or leaflet that converts into sales, not just a pile of recycling. I can help you cut through off-putting jargon to communicate your message in a clear, engaging way.

Social media content

Want more likes, shares and followers?
Social media is a key entry point, introducing new customers to your brand and building trust and an emotional connection with existing ones. But people interact with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in different ways, so you need content that’s tailored to each platform to really get those likes and shares rolling in. I can write unique, sharable content for each platform that ensures consistency, strengthening your brand’s tone of voice and creating a vibrant social-media presence.


Want perfectly polished, accurate content?
Nobody likes a typo. And if you’re serious about presenting a polished, professional face to the world, then sloppy spelling and grammar can really undermine your attempts. My years of copy editing experience mean I deliver 100% clean, accurate copy to save you any embarrassment.

Any copy you need, on time, with no stress

Want an easier life?
Don’t we all? You’ve come to me because you have a problem that needs solving, and I want to help. As well as my copy skills, I offer professionalism, a friendly approach and a promise that I’ll never miss a deadline. Working relationships shouldn’t be difficult, so get in touch today to see how we can work together to solve your problem so you have one less thing to worry about.